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March 17th, 2011

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09:10 pm - Fan Fic Offering!
Erm hia! Seems the KP coms have kinda died huh?
Ah well. Here's a quick oneshot in honor of St. Patties Day and because drunk Drakken amuses me.

TITLE: Together
CHARACTERS: Shego/Drakken
SUMMARY: Drunken times with Dr. D!
RATING: PG (erm references to drinking and a swear word?)

The Doctor rarely indulged in alcohol. So it was really no surprise when Shego, an old pro, succeeded in drinking him under the table (almost literally) that St Pattie's Day.
It had taken less than an hour and an embarrassingly small amount of tequila.
When he began singing - if you could call it that - what sounded like an old sea shanty, she figured it was time to leave the pub.
In what universe did she think this would be a
good idea? In public no less! She really shouldhave known better.
Drakken leaned heavily on her shoulder as she guided them towards home. Undeterred by the change in scenery, he continued to belt out slurredly.
She would absolutely kill a certain Scottaman with a fondness for golfing for ever putting that ditty in his head.
The song slowed to an agonizing end.
"...we'll roam the country over and together we'll face the world!" Or at least that was Shego's best interpretation.
Drakken was quiet for a moment as they walked under the cool, spring night sky. A worried expression spread across his flushed face.
"Hey...S-shego?" he began tentatively, "We'll...you'll be here w-with me right? To roam the country over and...stuff together...right?"
"I'm hauling your heavy, drunk ass home aren't I?" She rolled her eyes with a touch of
"Oh. Okay good!" He grinned wanly, regaling them with another go at the last line of that infuriating tune, but with more gusto this time.
"Remin' me to give you a raise, Shego."
"In case you forgot, you don't exactly pay me anymore."
Halting their progress, the inebriated doctor
took a moment to work that last part out in his mind with a comical moony look. Then his mouth curved into a mischievous smile.
Suddenly he was leaning in dangerously close.
"Oh no, One Shot Wonder!" Barked Shego, pushing him away, "Not tonight! You REEK of tequila."
His blue and purple face sagged, put out. Shego tried hard not to laugh.
"Oh yeah, well...so do you..."
She humored him with a peck on the cheek before steering him forward once again...the man had a point.
They walked along in blessed silence for awhile. Maybe the night wasn't a total loss.
That is until: "Hey...hey Shego. Are we almost to the lair?"
"Just a little further, Dr. D." She sighed.
"Good cuz...I have to pee..."

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