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June 2nd, 2007

12:23 pm
Hewwo! I don't mean to be an annoyance but I just want to pimp my community for disney channel series slash and femslash. XD If you enjoy the idea of Pleakely/Jumba or Shiego/Kim then you really should join!

disneychannel10 is a community for fans of slash and femslash pairings in Disney Channel Series. You chose a theme set where you write ten fics dedicated to a fandom or pairing of your choice.

Crossovers are allowed and so is RPS/RPF.

Please join today because I know I can't be the only one who loves disney channel slash/femslash! XD

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January 1st, 2007

05:55 pm
Happy New Year! Have some angsty fluff:

Title: News From Home
Rating: Enh. I'd call it G, but there are a couple words in it that you'd never hear on the Disney Channel.
Spoilers: "Go Team Go"
Summary: Shego's had a bad week. A letter from her brother doesn't help.

On to the fic!

(crossposted to a few places)

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August 12th, 2006

02:01 am - Cos ^^
Hi there!

I'm new to this community, had signed up a few weeks ago. ^^;

I love Shegos character. ^_______^

Wanted to share a pic of me in my shego cosplay. chose her evening dress.  


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May 14th, 2006

03:11 am
Hey everyone!

I just added the third chapter of my Kigo fic, Fit to be Queen.

Title: Fit to be Queen
Author: kaptainsarcasm
Rating: PG
Summary: Kim Possible, the Democratic governor from Pennylvania, has been nominated by the Democratic party to run for president. Let the campaigning begin! Will contain femmeslash Kigo later on.

I hope you like it! :)

X-posted to kp_slash and clubshego.
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April 24th, 2006

08:08 pm - Kim Possible Wiki...?
(friends only, also posted at kimpossiblefans)

Would anyone be remotely interested in creating a Kim Possible Wiki of sorts...?

If you want to help go to http://kpwiki.pbwiki.com/ and E-mail or MSN me, asking for the password (check my user info for my EMail).

I only just created it, so at the moment Nothing's up there.

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April 5th, 2006

10:03 pm - KP McDonalds Happy Meal Toys from the UK

If anyone's interested in Kim Possible Merchandise, I have managed to get all the Kim Possible Toys from good 'ol Maccies (there's 4 of them). All Are Brand New in packaging and are up for sale at eBay.


People in the UK: Clickers,and bid now!!
People Everywhere else: CLICKERS!

Double posted at: kimpossiblefans

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February 22nd, 2006

06:11 pm - The Fannie Awards
This is being passed along on behalf of its creator, Zaratan.

No, I'm not talking something weird and twisted here, I'm talking the 1st annual KP fanfiction awards!

With all the stories out there, I thought it only right to bring some attention to the best of the best. So, submit your nominations to me by personal message for the following categories, and the top 3 will be recognized here, and elsewhere.

Every story is eligible for this year, with the last day of eligibility being January 31st. After that, all entrants started after will become eligible for next year. Polling will be open until the end of February. You cannot vote for your own work, only those of others. Final results will be announced March 2nd.

You don't need to vote in every category, but as many as possible would be appreciated. And please add writer and/or story as needed, so that credit is given properly.

And if anyone wants to add a category, just post it here, and I will look into adding it next year.

And the categories are...

Best Writer -
Best New Writer (started in last 6 months for this year's, starting August 1st) -
Best Story Overall -
Best Series Overall -
Best One-shot Overall -
Best Novel-sized Story Overall (100,000 words or more) -
Best Comedy -
Best Romance -
Best Action/Adventure -
Best Drama -
Best Songfic -
Best Crossover/Fusion -
Best K/R Story -
Best Kigo Story -
Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) -
Best Original Character -
Best Minor Character (From show, but expanded upon. ie. Yori, Tara, etc.) -

You can email your votes to zaratan4@hotmail.com

x-posted to kimpossiblefans and kp_slash

Sincerely, Allaine

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February 23rd, 2006

12:32 am - 'All That I've Got" and "Changes"
Hey, guys.

I wrote a couple of KIGO (KimxShego) fics. I thought I'd show you guys. I don't know if it's good or anything, but I hope you guys review after. I really need them so can write better fics.

Please check out my stories entitled "All That I've Got" and "Changes" at my FF.net account.

The link is below:


Also, feel free to read my other works. I have some JeanxRogue and HakkaixGojyo there, and also some non-slashy fics not from Kim Possible.

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Current Music: The Butterfly - Kalhebraic

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February 10th, 2006

12:48 pm - Help
I know spy barbie posted this back awhile ago... I need Emotion Sickness... the one i found had been from yousendit but it expired.. can some give me a link plz help!!1

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January 9th, 2006

03:47 pm
Know any good places to get Shego pics?

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