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Club Shego!

--"Club Shego? More like Club Ego!"

Shego (from Kim Possible) Fans Unite!
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Hello all! Here is the place to unite all Shego fans! Shego is the totally awesome and utterly sarcastic green and black wearing villain from Kim Possible, but if you're here, I am SURE that you know that already!

We accept anyone who likes Shego, and, because I am open-minded, we accept all pairings dealing with Shego. That means DON'T TEASE SOMEONE if they like Shego/Kim or Shego/Ron and you don't or something. Yeah. (Personally, I'm a Kigo fan, so if you make fun of someone for that, ooo...I'll be extra mad. Okay, maybe not, but you get my point.)

You can post Shego fanfiction and fanart here, and whatnot. Before the lj-cut to your fanfic, though, you must put this and fill out the correct info:

(If any)

That is all!

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